Job Opportunities

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Tiffin University Prague looks for motivated, outgoing, student – centered, highly communicative individuals to for our faculty and administration.


In our faculty, we also look for individuals who have not only earned a minimum of a MSc/MBA/JUDr or equivalent but who are also able to demonstrate real-world competency in their subject area of study. The latter is of high importance as we are very interested in “what you have done”.

To be considered for employment at Tiffin University Prague, please submit a copy of your academic CV to  . Of course, even if these are not your subject areas, we would be most pleased to accept your CV and keep it on file.

2010 Winter and Spring Term Teaching Opportunities

We are looking for Instructors for the following courses:


Money and Banking

In-depth examination of the role money and financial institutions play in a market economy, focusing on the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, and current issues in money and banking. Prerequisite: ECO221

Global Trade

A study of international trade and the geographical, economic, and nationalistic characteristics which challenge the firm embarking upon global trade. Our focus is on the multinational corporation (MNC), or global business, pursuing trade in a very dynamic world economy “guided/influenced” by national and regional political and economic considerations. Prerequisite: ECO22

Personal Selling

Personal Selling focuses on customers as individuals rather than target market groups. To do this, the student salesperson will learn to tailor sales call approaches and presentations, negotiation strategies, and service provisions tailored to that specific person and organization. Given the independent nature of professional sales positions, the course also examines motivation, time management, and ethical issues. Prerequisite: MKTI51

Organization Theory

An overview of organizations drawing upon the concepts of social and cultural anthropology, political science, strategic management, and organizational behavior. Topics covered will include organizational types, structure and design, culture, power and conflict, and environmental relationships. Prerequisite: MGT301


Risk Management and Insurance

Study of the content and application of uncertainty, risk, and the management of risk (selecting among “reduction, assumption, or transfer” techniques). The application of risk management to individuals, businesses, and the public, focusing on insurance and its remedies for risk.Prerequisite: FIN301.


Organization Analysis and Design

The examination of organizations in terms of patterns in design and operation through topics including organizational-environment interface, structure, technology, and socio-technical systems and culture are the basis for this course.



At the current time, we are fully staffed in our administration area.