BBA Checklist

Step by Step Admission Procedures-BBA

1. Please email all of the following documents to

Include your name in the subject heading.

2. Application form

Complete the BBA application that can be found here.

3. High School or secondary school diploma

An official copy of your diploma with an English translation.

4. High School or secondary school transcripts

An official copy of your transcript including all the years you attended high school or secondary school with an English translation.

5. TOEFL / IELTS / Accuplacer Test

If you have recently taken any of these tests, please include a copy of the results.

TOEFL minimum score requirements: BBA paper 500, CBT 173, IBT 61.

IELTS minimum score requirements :BBA 5.0.

The following documents you can provide upon arrival at the University,

6. Passport

A copy of your passport.

7. Visa

A copy of your student or long-term residency visa in the Czech Republic, if you already possess it. Go here to learn how to receive a student visa.

Transfer students: Use the link on this page.

Once we have received your documents, the Director of Admissions and the Director of Academic programs will review them. You will receive a response from the University within two weeks.