What We Believe

The core values of Tiffin University Prague are best described by the following story:

“Howard Arnold Walter provides a personal example of the kind of dedication described in the only hymn we have from him, I Would Be True. The song was written in 1906, while he was teaching English at Waseda University, in Japan. He entitled the lines of verse “My Creed,” and mailed them to his mother. The poem was published in Harper’s Bazaar the next year.

In 1913 Walter joined the staff of the YMCA. He was encouraged by John R. Mott to go and work among the Islamic students in Lahore, India. Doctors advised against this, due to his weak heart, but he insisted he must “be true” to his calling. He died in India during an influenza epidemic.”

The poem Howard Arnold Walter wrote? Today, it is popularly called “The Creed”:


I will be TRUE for there are those who trust me.

I will be PURE for there are those who care.

I will be STRONG for there is much to suffer.

I will be BRAVE for there is much to dare.

I will be a FRIEND to all, to foe, to friendless.

I will be GIVING and forget the gift.

I will be HUMBLE for I know my weakness.

I will look up and LOVE and LAUGH and LIFT!